It’s just a hat, or so I thought.

It was a typical day: working with clients…errands…shopping…and then the phone rings. I get the call no one ever wants to get.

My best friend and client for 16 years had been diagnosed with cancer. Everything stood still. So many questions with no answers, and so much sadness.

The battle was on.

Chemo, radiation, and so much sleep. Feeling sick all the time, skin graying, and beautiful locks of hair gone. She felt everything about her beauty had stripped.

Instead of dwelling in self pity, she decided to call me with a challenge. “Can you come over? I would love some company and some cheering up.”

Of course! I’m on my way!

There she was laying sick in bed. “Stacy, I know your favorite way to put outfits together is to start with accessories, so I have a challenge for you. You know those hats you picked out for me when we went to go get wigs? Can we make me some new outfits from the hats we bought? I want to feel pretty and stylish even without my hair.”

Instantly I’m in her closet. I am pulling out pieces for pairing, coordinating and styling with her hats. And, we are laughing! Her face is bright, and joy is so present in the room.

As I showed her each newly created outfit I saw my friend feeling the same way I see her every day; confident and beautiful. I designed 52 outfits from the contents of her closet that day. But what I remember more than anything was being able to help my friend with the skills and gifts that I have been given to help her feel confident and pretty.

And this is the same reason and my motivator behind creating Stacy Cody Style.

Everyone is beautifully unique.

My style services increase confidence in women, men and teens as they look and feel great while expressing their personality with the image they want to present for their perfect look.

I love helping people feel better about themselves as they learn that how they look on the outside can be as beautiful as they are on the inside! Confidently expressing their unique style and beauty brings freedom to be less self focused turning attention outwards towards others.

My passion for my clients to be the best version of themselves is evident as I coordinate their ideal style to fit their personality, lifestyle and budget. Style with confidence!

Welcome and thank you for stopping by! I hope you enjoy this boutique site discovering which personal style service is the perfect fit to create a lasting impression for your life.

Stacy Cody Style ~ Creating Your Perfect Look!