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I encourage you to dress the body you have now to look your best today. Don’t wait until you lose those 15 pounds. Look your best now!

Enjoy getting dressed as you wear all the clothes in your closet with confidence and style! You will have an endless amount of options to complement your body type for the perfect fit.

You don't have to do
it alone.

Tired of wearig the
same few outfits in your closet? 

I have struggled with changing my wardrobe to fit my changing shape. In the height of my career in the fashion industry (which is extremely focused on appearance) I had unexplained weight gain.

I gained 25 pounds in six weeks in spite of working out everyday and eating well. As a single mom, traveling and working long hours, I searched for jobs in other industries that would allow me more time to spend with my son. Changing my wardrobe to fit the dress code with my changing shape was a struggle in itself. I continued to dress professionally, fit and flatter my shape within a budget.

i WILL help YOU! I have been
where you are. Overwhelmed.

After 2 Decades and countless Dr visits, my total wt gain was 130lbs. I Finally received an accurate diagnosis and am improving daily! as I continue on this health journey, 


What to do next...

Learn your body type - Shape

Nobody’s perfect and you can look great and feel great no matter what your shape or size you are! You can also look great as you transition to your goal shape!

Learn which styles look best for your specific shape

Learn which styles to choose to fit and flatter your shape! And the style tips and tricks that help you shop for clothes complement your specific shape!

Dress to express your awesome self

Most importantly - You are loved. You are created from love and you are beautiful. It is about feeling great. Wear what looks awesome on you! Learn how to express your personality with style!

Confidence! Look good and feel good! When you feel good you are confident! And confidence is ALWAYS in style! 

How would you like this?

Looks that flatter you and make you feel like the best you today and everyday.



Working with stacy cody style will give you:

Truth that you are worthy. You are valued, loved, beautiful and strong no matter what your shape or size or number on the scale.


Outfits to express your personality and  your inner beauty - a perfect pairing.  Reflecting your beauty from the inside out.


A wardrobe to wear with confidence. Gives you freedom from less self focus and more attention towards others! Making a difference for good in this world because you are a gift to all of us!


Is Working With A Stylist -Organizer Right For You?

You need to finally make time for things you enjoy doing

You're overwhelmed by your overflowing closest with nothing to wear

YOu WANT TO be confident wearing your clothes 

You're so tired of spending time looking for misplaced things each day

you're ready for less stress more peace of mind and saving so much time and money

Style App

Style advice before you decide what to wear or buy. 

Style on.the.go.

 It's your own private virtual closet! Easy as 1-2-3!



You want your closet online organized by outfits. You want to see all the outfits created with each item at the tap of a button on the style app!

Style App: Virtual Closet

Get style approval from Stacy before heading out the door in THAT outfit!

Receive style advice from Stacy while shopping in the store or online.

Text Stacy a pic of the outfit or you wearing the outfit. She will reply with a yes or no & suggest a style that flatters your body type.  

 1. Closet: You upload pics of your clothes to the app.

 2. LookBook: I create outfits from your closet including   accessories & shoes!

 3. Finds: I shop online for items needed to coordinate   with your closet.

Virtual Closet - LookBook - Style Finds

Style on.the.go.


tincidunt ut.

one time payment


one time payment


one time payment

lets do this! 
Buy now!

15 minutes
Style advice before you decide what to wear or buy. 

30 minutes
Text Stacy a pic of the outfit. She will reply with a yes or no & suggest a style that flatters your body type.  

60 minutes
4 (15 minute style sessions)
Receive style advice from Stacy
while shopping in store or online.
*Includes the service in the
 $30 session 

Style App - Virtual Closet


Monthly subscribe

Lets do this!
Buy now!

Lets do this!
Buy now!

2 LookBooks

Head to toe Outfits

Style App - Virtual Closet Subscription


tincidunt ut.

Monthly Subscribe

Lets do this!
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4 LookBooks

Head to Toe Outfits

Style My Closet

Style My Shopping

Half Day 3 hrs & Full Day 5hrs
Customize & Strategize: Create a personalized wish list of key pieces & Shopping Plan of stores to visit and/or websites to shop! 
Create & Coordinate: Style outfits with your current & new pieces!

Half Day 3hrs & Full Day 5hrs
Evaluate & Educate: I will sort what stays and goes and show you tips, tricks of dressing your body type! 
Create & Coordinate: I will style new outfits from your closet!


You want to look great and feel great expressing your personal style with confidence as you enjoy wearing all the clothes in your closet!

More Info

Style My Closet


tincidunt ut.

Half Day


Full Day


Full day

two payments

Lets do this!
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Style My Shopping


tincidunt ut.

Half Day


Full Day


Full day

two payments

Lets do this!
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“Stacy made new outfits with clothes I already own. I feel more confident and creative in my own decisions after my sessions with Stacy. Spend some time with Stacy and you will LOVE every piece in your closet! ”

- jill

Put peace and flow back into
your home.

Styling Your Home

Evaluate Interior color, style preference, room usage, Provide color plan with paint swatches.

Create Pinterest for your desired look with paint color, furniture layout, accessories, flooring etc.

choose the Perfect
Paint Colors

Update Decor, spaces or surfaces 

more info here




Choose Paint Colors

FULL Day 5hrs

Lets Do this!
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This service varies from selecting the perfect color, updating a room, re-purposing furniture, shopping for the perfect piece, full service decorating, maximizing a small area or organizing a space, all to provide the perfect look for your home. 

Stacy can work with the pieces you own keeping with your current decorating theme or repurpose them to add interest and a fresh look.
Stacy will customize a package for you!  Whether you want to update the room by rearranging furniture & accessories or completely change the look of the space, she will represent your lifestyle, taste and budget!

style Decor
Half Day 3Hrs

Organizing Closets & Spaces

Half Day 3hrs &  Full Day 5hrs
Organizing Spaces: Closets/Bedroom, Office.Laundry/Mudroom, Kitchen/Pantry
If everything has a space everything will
be in place!

Half Day 3hrs & Full Day 5hrs
Organizing your life: concierge, complete to do list, errands, Christmas shopping & delivery etc.
A Personal Assistant to save you time! With my help of home management, you can cross off the things on your to do list and have more free time!

Half Day 3hrs & Full Day 5hrs
Life is busy and staying organized can be a challenge. Imagine your space being inviting, peaceful & clutter free. I create the ideal space. Any size room, master closet or a  hall closet, I have the idea & solution for you! It's about reducing stress & clutter which improves efficiency and saves you time!


You want more time to do the things you love! Get peace of mind as you gain control of your home & life! Clutter free home is a clutter free mind!

Organizing with Style
Closet & Spaces


tincidunt ut.

Half Day


Full Day


Full day

two payments

lets do this!
Buy now!

Lets do this!
Buy now!



If you need a gift certificate in a different amount,
no problem!
Message me and I will create one just for you! 

Stacy Cody

Gift Certificates

 "Very happy with the results of my virtual styling. Stacy created outfits with my clothes that I would not of considered...but they look great! 

 I “strongly dislike” shopping, so having Stacy shop and give me the options with links in the online closet awesome. When I want to wear a specific item in my closet, I just tap on that item in the app, and it shows me all the outfits she created with that item...Time and money well spent.


The shopping and Lookbook Style app is a game changer for me. 

Yes, it's true! Save time & money!

“Whether it’s a complete overhaul, or you just need advice for an event or area of your or play, she has got a great eye. 

Stacy explains not just what, but why something works...or doesn’t. Honestly, it has been a game changer! “ “Added BONUS....with the exception of a very few things to fill out my wardrobe...I have done no other shopping! I have lots of unexpected outfits that she put together for me (virtual closet).....changed my way of thinking about what I already have.”


I felt fresh! Age appropriate but like the cool mom! 

"Stacy is well worth $75 for each hour that she helps you put together different outfits you never would have created! In four hours she pulled together 150 outfits  and they are documented."

It was very important to have her objective eye help me see what fits (and doesn't fit), and her expertise in creating my style went way beyond my expectations!


I dont have to waste time figuring out what to wear!

We will discuss your style and/or organizing goals. I will create a plan to help you organize or dress with style & confidence! If we don’t live close, we can work together virtually in your closet or organize a space in your home through my style platform! 

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