New outfits without leaving your house! 

Stacy Cody's Stye App saves you time, money, the stress of getting dressed
AND Stacy Cody Style does all the work
for you! You receive her personalized style  shopping service through this easy-to-use, private Closet, Shopping and LookBook. Though her Style App, Stacy will transform your closet! She would love to help you enjoy your wardrobe wearing all the clothes in your closet!  

Meaning that you love every single item because it looks great on you and you feel your best wearing it! To have a closet filled with clothes that fit and flatter YOUR SHAPE and that you feel fabulous in makes getting dressed quick and easy!

100% Working & Wearable Closet

No longer wonder "How Do I Look?"

Does this look ok? Which shoes, necklace goes with this outfit? Do these colors look good together? Sound familiar? Now you can be confident knowing you look fabulous! With my Style App you have have confirmation from a professional stylist, (me) :) 

The Stacy Cody Style App enables you To A

An honest opinion when you shop

Bring Stacy with you as your personal shopper (Style App) to the stores & online to know what looks best on you! You can also upload images of outfits, potential purchases & items from your wardrobe. Ask Stacy questions & receive honest, professional, style advice. 


Virtual Closet

This is where you upload all of your clothing and accessories adding them to your custom profile. *Note: If the thought of taking photos of every item in your closet seems overwhelming. No worries! You can hire Stacy to do it for you!             

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Virtual LookBook

This is where Stacy will create outfits from your existing wardrobe. She will also create outfits incorporating the find section to complete your looks! This offers her clients a quick reference point for outfit ideas and a shopping wish list.

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Virtual Style Finds

This is where Stacy suggests items for you to buy. All you need to do is click the image and purchase! She will shop your favorite stores as well as stores she knows you will like. She will also add comments of why she chose the item and how it coordinates with your wardrobe including a coupon/discount (if available).

Virtual Styling:

 "Very happy with the results of my virtual styling. Stacy created outfits with my clothes that I would not of considered...but they look great! 

 I “strongly dislike” shopping, so having Stacy shop and give me the options with links in the online closet awesome. When I want to wear a specific item in my closet, I just tap on that item in the app, and it shows me all the outfits she created with that item...Time and money well spent.


The shopping and Lookbook Style app is a game changer for me. 

Yes, it's true! Save time & money!

“Whether it’s a complete overhaul, or you just need advice for an event or area of your or play, she has got a great eye. 

Stacy explains not just what, but why something works...or doesn’t. Honestly, it has been a game changer! “ “Added BONUS....with the exception of a very few things to fill out my wardrobe...I have done no other shopping! I have lots of unexpected outfits that she put together for me (virtual closet).....changed my way of thinking about what I already have.”


I felt fresh! Age appropriate but like the cool mom! 

"Stacy is well worth $75 for each hour that she helps you put together different outfits you never would have created! In four hours she pulled together 150 outfits  and they are documented."

It was very important to have her objective eye help me see what fits (and doesn't fit), and her expertise in creating my style went way beyond my expectations!


I dont have to waste time figuring out what to wear!

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