Stacy Cody Style


Stacy Cody Style offers you a boutique of personal style consultant services that specialize in creating a lasting impression for every area of your life. What you wear, your living space, your social life, Stacy Cody is the personal stylist you have been searching for.

Stacy Cody is the go to personal stylist for hundreds of clients throughout the country through her On.The.Go. virtual style services!

Why should you hire a personal stylist?

Hiring the services of Stacy Cody Style will save you time, money and frustration for all of your personal stylist needs.

Stacy maximizes your wardrobe creating new outfits with clothes in your closet. She tailors your style to express your personality, shape and lifestyle and shows you how to shop smart for items to wear with your current wardrobe. You will no longer look at your closet and say “I have nothing to wear!”

You can relax and enjoy the excitement of leaving for your trip without the stress of preparing for it as Stacy packs your perfect travel wardrobe!

No longer worry which paint color to choose. Stacy’s color expertise selects the perfect shades to complement your space.

Whether you are located in the Saint Louis area or anywhere else in the world, when you need a personal stylist, Stacy Cody Style is the only option you need to know.

Relax and enjoy preparing for your special day as Stacy styles your dream dress, bridal party, ceremony and reception as beautifully as you envisioned!

Stacy Cody creates the ideal style to showcase your personality, lifestyle and budget through your wardrobe, living space, and social events. She truly puts the “personal” in “personal stylist”

Stacy’s Personal Stylist Services

Style My Wardrobe

People view your wardrobe as a reflection of your image and personality. Stacy Cody Style is the liaison between you and your closet. Creating and coordinating with a personal stylist helps you shine with confidence!

Style My Travel

Avoid over packing and frustration thinking of what and how much to take for your trip. Stacy saves you time, space and money as she considers the forecast and itinerary when creating and coordinating your travel outfits.

Style My Shopping

Men, women, teens, you never have to be intimidated by shopping again! Stacy shops with you to show you how to shop smart for the fashion trends, change of seasons, navigate sales and where to find the best fit for you!

Style My Wedding

Stacy’s eye for style and design, her attention to detail and her organizational skills ensure your wedding day will be picture perfect. Her Wedding Wardrobe service puts your mind at ease as she helps you find your dream wedding dress, bridal party wardrobe and more!

Style My Home

Whether she’s selecting the perfect paint color, re-purposing furniture, remodeling a room, or maximizing a small space, Stacy Cody Style creates the perfect look for your home.

Real People, Real Stories.

“Stacy has given me confidence that spills over into my professional and daily life.”

Tim H.

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