Client Story

Stacy assisted me in finding the perfect outfits for prom, for both me and my girlfriend. We told her what we were looking for, and she researched it. She found what stores carried that style/product, and went with us to check them out. We ended up getting each piece of my outfit from different stores. In the end, it saved me a large chunk of money.

Who doesn't like saving money?

Stacy was able and willing to exchange phone conversations and texts regarding my outfit, ideas on different colors and styles, and the status of the items we were looking for. This was a big help to me, because I knew that she was truly working on my outfit even when I wasn't with her! She was extremely helpful the whole time, and never once seemed frustrated or overwhelmed.

Her proficiency was off the charts, and I highly recommend you use her anytime you need dress for an event, night out, dance, or if you just want to look fresh on a daily basis."