Client Story

I’m a teenage girl. That’s enough said when it comes to wardrobes! I don’t know what fashion or style I belonged to even when knowing what I liked, and I only knew how to dress nicely for special occasions. To add to the dilemma, I’m the youngest of three sisters, so Hand-Me-Downs were my “shopping trip”. But then a friend of mine recommended I try Stacy’s services, and I have never been happier with myself!

She helped me to find outfits that flatter me and my body type, not only in stores, but also in my own wardrobe, and she combined the two! Stacy is punctual, dedicated and extremely kind and didn’t mind discussing my needs and interests for my wardrobe. I feel confident, pretty and graceful in what I wear now. Stacy has given me the guidance I needed for looking wonderful and beautiful just in casual wear. I am so grateful for the time she spent with me, and I could not have found my confidence without her!