Client Story

Stacy Cody has helped me several times over the years organize my closet by purging, and helping me decide what colors are better for my skin tone and my body type. She keeps up with current trends and matches the to my lifestyle and advises me on what is age appropriate! LOL!

She is also great for a specific services small & large like getting ready for a trip, or a wedding AND an OVERHAUL of my wardrobe. Once I called her and said “I need jeans that’s it”. And she went out and helped me shop for jeans for my body type.

She is also an expert in accessories! She has taught me a lot about how accessories can stretch your wardrobe making it appear that I have more clothes than I do!

Stacy is also budget conscious. She knows where to find the bargains! All in all, Stacy Cody is amazing at what she does!