Meet Stacy

A Little Background

A personal fashion stylist os often associated with celebrities. Even though Stacy Cody has styled a few celebrities, the majority of her clients are people from all walks of life.

Stacy is experienced with styling and fitting all sizes, ages and seasons of life. She has helped numerous people of all incomes rework their wardrobes from the inside out. Women, men, and teens have benefited from her services emerging happier and more self-confident, which for her is the ultimate reward. She also enjoys styling home interiors as she creates perfect looks for her clients living space. Her experience buying and merchandising for a global flooring and home decor company, provided Stacy the expertise necessary when selecting the right flooring, counter tops, fixtures, paint, fabrics and home decor for her clients. Stacy earned degrees in Business and Fashion Merchandising. Her styling includes 25 years as a buyer, visual merchandiser and manager for Federated, May Co. and Dillard’s Department Stores. Years of education and experience empowers Stacy to offer a wealth of stylist expertise for wardrobe, home, and social events, including the perfect look for weddings. Stacy Cody Style offers a boutique of personal consulting services that specialize in creating and styling a lasting impression for every area of your life. What you wear, your living space, your social life.

Stacy’s Personalized Touch

Stacy has helped hundreds TEST of clients find the perfect look and fit for their individual style.

Your image reflects your personality, your goals, your lifestyle. Stacy's passion as a stylist is to increase her clients' confidence by showing them how to identify which styles best fit and flatter their shape. She will help you look and feel your best during life transitions; change in size, shape or a lifestyle. Her knowledge of style and fit, combined with her creative eye in coordinating color and fabrics, has made Stacy the go-to style expert for her clients.

Stacy's on-the-go personalized style services provide you a way to get her expert style advice and approval through Mobile & Virtual style sessions. Simply Text, FaceTime, Google HangOut, or Skype while you are shopping, getting ready, deciding what to wear to a special event, packing to travel & much more!

Stacy’s Inspiration

Stacy’s love of mixing and matching patterns and colors began at age 5, with her first set of paper dolls. She learned the art of creating outfits as she would style the doll's clothes for every occasion; causal outings, evening dresses, special events and weddings. It was here where she realized, her true calling was to be a fashion stylist.

As a young girl, Stacy would dress up to visit her Grandma in the department store where she worked since the age of 16. These department store visits are where Stacy explored the endless possibilities of styling, shopping and the thrill of a finding a good deal. It was her Grandma Theodora fondly known as Grandma Teddy, who taught her how to shop for style on a budget. Stacy credits her shopping savvy to her Grandma. I guess you could say that she was the first fashion stylist in the family! 

Following in her Grandma Teddy's footsteps, Stacy, also at age 16, began working in the same department store. Her Grandma’s love for shopping fashion items for a great price, and her talent to put together a few pieces of clothing and accessories to create fabulous outfits, inspired Stacy to pursue a career in fashion. Stacy earned her Bachelor's Degree in Business and Fashion Merchandising. She worked for 25 years in the fashion industry buying, styling, planning, merchandising for Dillard's, May Co and Specialty Boutiques. As a Buyer she traveled to the NYC and LA markets shopping for the latest trends while negotiating the best prices for her customers. When you're looking for a personal fashion stylist, these are the kind of credentials you should not only expect, but demand.

Stacy's Grandma, now in her nineties, continues to enjoy shopping and giving style advice, "It’s not what you wear, it's what you wear it with" - Grandma Teddy. Receiving compliments on her outfits each week Theodora is known as the best dressed lady at her bridge club. She may even be the resident fashion stylist!

Stacy and her beloved Grandma Teddy.

The Result

Everyone is beautifully unique.

Stacy Cody Style services increase confidence in women, men and teens as they look and feel great while expressing their personality with the image they want to present for their perfect look.

She loves helping people feel better about themselves as they learn that how they look on the outside can be as beautiful as they are on the inside! Confidently expressing their unique style and beauty brings freedom to be less self focused turning attention outwards towards others.

Stacy's passion for her clients to be the best version of themselves is evident as she coordinates their ideal style to fit their personality, lifestyle and budget. Style with confidence!

Stacy Cody Style. Creating Your Perfect Look!