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I've learned a lot about what styles look good on me, and which ones to stay away from when I shop for clothes. 

Stacy showed me the "art of accessorizing.

“I never realized how a few accessories could make an outfit look sharper and more "put-together!" She's great at taking what you already have in your closet and putting together outfits you never knew you already had!"


I use Stacy's services again and again because it is current,
yet unique!”

Comfort is a priority to me. Stacy always puts together items that look good on me hat are, comfortable, stylish & fun to wear! 

"Since Stacy has been developing my wardrobe over-the-years it has given me a better sense of confidence. Stacy has saved me money, time and space as she made my suitcase lighter when packing for a trip."


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Jill K.

I totally recommend Stacy. She is to knowledgable and fun to work with!

She knows how to work with all body types

"She was able to find me the perfect outfit to wear from the clothes in my closest for a talk at a conference I had to give."

People are Talking 

Working with Stacy Cody Style What if my closet is a mess?
No problem! I see fabrics, textures, colors with countless possibilities. I don’t care what the closet looks like. I care what the clothes will look like on you!

How do I know what styles look best for my shape?
I will help you identify your body type and give you fashion solutions. These solutions will focus on the positive features of your body type, which is the secret to looking your best!

Will I need to buy a lot of new clothes?
I will update your wardrobe, using many items you already have in your closet. I have a talent for maximizing your wardrobe, by mixing and matching items to give the illusion that you have more clothes than you actually do.

What if I don’t like an item that you say looks good on me? I will give my honest and professional opinion however, you will make the final decision. It is important that you love it! I will create outfits to take you through any season or occasion with confidence and style!

If your question is not listed, send me a message - I will send you an answer! 

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