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Closet full of clothes & nothing to wear?
Special event & dread shopping?
Need to select a color of paint?
Want to update your home decor?
Too much to do and not enough time?


In Person & Virtual Styling Services
(St. Charles County, Chesterfield) Not Local? Virtual or Travel is an option

Most of us have a closet overflowing with clothes, yet we still feel like we don't have anything to wear!
I will show you how to enjoy getting dressed wearing all the clothes in your closet with confidence and style!

Do you want to decorate your space yet you feel overwhelmed with all of the decisions?
I will help you select the perfect colors, textures, countertops, cabinets, flooring, accessories & more!

Are you moving into a new home and feeling intimidated, and unsure where to begin?
I am here to guide you through every step! I will represent your lifestyle, taste & budget for your perfect look! 

Life is busy and staying organized can be a challenge. Imagine your space being inviting, peaceful & clutter free!

Styling & Organizing Services 

Wardrobe & Home

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You need a wardrobe or home stylist if you think...

Overwhelmed with decor choices!
You want to change your space OR You are moving into a new home and feeling intimidated to decorate.

Nothing Fits!
You are frustrated figuring out what to wear as your shape has changed.

Does this look good?
You are not sure what to put together that makes you feel good.

Are you ready to look good wearing all the clothes in your closet?

Are you ready to change the look of your home? A room redo, paint refresh, style, decor update? 

schedule a free discovery call

 Are you ready to have a clutter free home and more peace of mind?
  Less stress, more time, freedom to do what you enjoy?

Ways to Work with Stacy 

Closet Edit:
Sort. Style. Shop.

Travel in Style:
Shop. Style. Pack.

Room Refresh:
Style decor, furniture, accessories.

Paint Colors:
Select the perfect color

Room Reno:
Concept. Style. Shop. Design.

Wardrobe In-Person & Virtual

Style App:
Virtual Closet. LookBook. Style Finds.

Style advice before you decide
what to wear or buy 

Home DeCor In-Person & Virtual

Organizing Spaces:
Closets/Bedroom, Office Laundry/Mudroom, Kitchen/Pantry

Organizing Your life:
Concierge. Complete To Do List. Holiday Shopping etc.

Organizing In-Person


"Stacy Cody is AMAZING. I asked her where to find jeans to fit my not so “standard” body type and she sent me an email of what store to look at, the very best brand of jeans for my body type and a more inexpensive brand that might work. She was spot on! I literally tried on two pair of jeans to find the perfect pair. TWO.
So much time saved carting my babies in and out of the car and through the mall searching. And BONUS, she also sent me an email when the store was running a sale on the perfect jeans. So I was able to get a $90 pair of the perfect jeans for $22. I’m sold. " Jessica

What clients are saying


"She helped me to find outfits that flatter my body type, not only in stores, but also in my own wardrobe, and she combined the two! I feel confident, pretty and graceful in what I wear now. Stacy has given me the guidance I needed for looking wonderful and beautiful. I am so grateful for the time she spent with me, and I could not have found my confidence without her! " - Kara

What clients are saying


What clients are saying

"Stacy Cody came through for me in a HUGE way. I have always had a hard time finding jeans to fit me. I finally found a pair that fit perfect. I bought several pair but that was 10 years ago. After looking online, in stores and even Ebay, no luck. The are made by Levi's and even Levi's did not carry the style anymore. I whined to Stacy about it and THE SAME DAY she found the style under a different name!!! This lady knows her fashions and I would recommend listening to her anytime she has style advice on what to wear. Thank you Stacy!" - Steve

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Working with a wardrobe stylist
& organizer saves you
so much time and gives you
peace of mind!

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You are beautiful! Dress to fit & flatter your shape!

Learn to dress YOUR SHAPE to accentuate YOUR beauty with the perfect styles! If you struggle to find clothes that fit, my eBOOK is for you!

I show you how to determine your body type and then give you the tips and tricks to dress to fit and flatter your specific shape! Look great & feel great no matter what your shape or size!

Did I mention that it is FREE? 

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