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I am soooooooo excited to get to chat all things styles with you! So many fun guests! Boutique owners, style clients & more!  Here are some of the awesome things you can expect me to share on this weekly podcast:

Frequently Asked Questions - like my tips and tricks for what to wear and buy to fit and flatter your shape!

Top Trends - including what to wear and where to find the best boutiques, markets, and festivals to shop!

Getting Organized - with my tips and tricks to reduce the clutter in your home which saves you so much time! And peace of mind with more free time!
...And tons more!

I'm Stacy, your tell you the truth about your style friend.

You are beautiful! This is the TRUTH! Let's transform your wardrobe to mirror your inner beauty! I will show you how to dress to look as beautiful on the outside as you are on the inside, giving you style with confidence! Because when you look great, you feel great! Reflecting your beauty from the inside out! 

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You are beautiful! Dress to fit & flatter your shape!

Learn to dress YOUR SHAPE to accentuate YOUR beauty with the perfect styles! If you struggle to find clothes that fit, my eBOOK is for you!

I show you how to determine your body type and then give you the tips and tricks to dress to fit and flatter your specific shape! Look great & feel great no matter what your shape or size!

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