Styling & Organizing Your Wardrobe & Home

Even though you have a closet overflowing with clothes, you still feel like you don't have anything to wear!

Most people only wear 20% of their wardrobe. If this is you, then imagine your closet filled with clothing that looks great on you, fits your lifestyle, and you enjoy wearing!

I will create new outfits from your closet giving you multiple options so you can wear 100% of your wardrobe!

You will enjoy getting dressed with confidence and style!



I will give you an endless amount of options while showing you how to dress to complement your body type for the perfect fit. I will also teach you what looks best for your body type by highlighting your assets and camouflaging the areas you want hidden.

I encourage you to dress the body you have now to look your best today. Don’t wait until you lose those 15 pounds. Look your best now!

Determining what to wear & what to buy can be a bit overwhelming. I will  takes the stress out of getting dressed. 

You're in the right place.

"Stacy helped me purge YEARS of clothes from my closet that didn’t fit my body or my lifestyle – and made it painless!
Then, she helped me put new outfits together that I LOVE and feel comfortable in. Now, getting dressed is easier because I know everything in the closet “works”.  


Loves her closet:


"Stacy made new outfits with clothes I already own. I feel more confident and creative in my own decisions after my sessions with Stacy. Spend some time with Stacy and you will LOVE every piece in your closet! ”


I am more confident!


I absolutely 100% would recommend Stacy. I hate clothes shopping and was buying all the wrong sizes. Stacy helped me find the sizes and fits I needed to make me feel more confident about myself. She works so fast and will run circles around you, all while having having fun and sharing laughs. Check her out, I promise you will not regret it!


I am more confident!


real results

Ways to Work
with Stacy 

Style My Wardrobe:
Evaluate & Educate, Create & Coordinate

Style My Shopping:
Customize & Strategize

Wardrobe In-Person

Style App:
Virtual Closet, LookBook, Style Finds

style advice before you decide
what to wear or buy 

Style App & Wardrobe Virtual

Organizing Spaces:
Closets/Bdrm, Office Laundry/Mudroom, Kitchen/Pantry

Organizing your life:
concierge, complete to do list, errands, Christmas shopping etc.

Organizing In-Person

“Confidence and a smile are always in style!”

— Stacy Cody Style 


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Style My Shopping
Customize & Strategize: Create a personalized wish list of key pieces & Shopping Plan of stores to visit and/or websites to shop! 
Create & Coordinate: Style outfits with your current & new pieces!

Style My Closet
Evaluate & Educate: I will sort what stays and goes and show you tips, tricks of dressing your body type!
Create & Coordinate: I will style new outfits from your closet!


You want to look great and feel great expressing your personal style with confidence as you enjoy wearing all the clothes in your closet!

Style App & Wardrobe Virtual

More Info

Style App: Virtual Closet, LookBook, Style Finds. It's your own private virtual closet! Easy
as 1-2-3!
1. Closet: You upload pics of your clothes to the app.
2. LookBook: I create outfits from your closet including accessories
& shoes!
3. Finds: I shop online for items needed to coordinate w your closet.

Style On.The.Go. Style advice before you decide what to wear or buy. Get style approval from Stacy before heading out the door in THAT outfit! Receive style advice from Stacy while shopping in the store or online. 
Text Stacy a pic of the outfit or you wearing the outfit. 
She will reply with a yes or no & suggest a style that flatters your body type.  


You want your closet online organized by outfits. You want to see all the outfits created with each item at the tap of a button on the style app!

Organizing In-Person

Next StepS...

I create the ideal space to reduce stress & clutter which improves efficiency and saves you time!

Any size closet, I have the idea & solution for you!

Organizing other Spaces: Bedroom, Office. Laundry/Mudroom, Kitchen/Pantry

Includes: Evaluate closet space, usage & goals, create plan for storage. provide ideas implement additional hanging, wall & floor space to keep items orderly and accessible

If everything has a space everything will be in place!


Life is busy and staying organized can be a challenge. Imagine your space being inviting, peaceful & clutter free.

 "Very happy with the results of my virtual styling. Stacy created outfits with my clothes that I would not of considered...but they look great! 

 I “strongly dislike” shopping, so having Stacy shop and give me the options with links in the online closet awesome. When I want to wear a specific item in my closet, I just tap on that item in the app, and it shows me all the outfits she created with that item...Time and money well spent.


The shopping and Lookbook Style app is a game changer for me. 

Yes, it's true! Save time & money!

“Whether it’s a complete overhaul, or you just need advice for an event or area of your or play, she has got a great eye. 

Stacy explains not just what, but why something works...or doesn’t. Honestly, it has been a game changer! “ “Added BONUS....with the exception of a very few things to fill out my wardrobe...I have done no other shopping! I have lots of unexpected outfits that she put together for me (virtual closet).....changed my way of thinking about what I already have.”


I felt fresh! Age appropriate but like the cool mom! 

"Stacy is well worth $75 for each hour that she helps you put together different outfits you never would have created! In four hours she pulled together 150 outfits  and they are documented."

It was very important to have her objective eye help me see what fits (and doesn't fit), and her expertise in creating my style went way beyond my expectations!


I dont have to waste time figuring out what to wear!